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As a one-stop shop, we develop and implement analytics-driven, fully integrated marketing plans for our clients. Our expertise includes traditional media, digital and social media, creative, sports sponsorships and athlete endorsements that all work in concert with one another to drive results.


Marketing Planning and Implementation

Keys to Success

Is your marketing plan custom designed to deliver maximum results for your business? Are you measuring the effectiveness of every piece of your advertising? Do you want to work with a single agency that can deliver industry-leading expertise across multiple marketing channels?

Understanding a client’s business is the first part of any plan that we put together. Utilizing information from clients as well as third party and industry data allows us to develop the best tactics to implement a successful marketing plan.

Our team is fluent in traditional and digital media buying as well as sports sponsorships and athlete endorsements that can elevate any marketing plan.

Once a plan is formulated based on pre-campaign analytics and presented to the client for approval, our team negotiates and buys all media and implements tracking procedures, allowing for consistent reporting throughout the campaign.

With consistent tracking of results, we can re-evaluate and adjust our approach in real time.

Mercury is a full service agency that will develop and implement fully-integrated marketing plans. Our clients have one point of contact for all needs related to any marketing plan, from research to creative to billing reconciliation.



Keys to Success

Are your marketing decisions guided by data? Are you measuring the effectiveness of each of your marketing vehicles?

Mercury taps into its vast database of qualitative and quantitative research tools to understand a client’s business and evaluate the marketplace to come up with a custom-tailored marketing plan specifically curated for each client’s needs and goals.

We imprint multiple levels of tracking into every facet of a marketing plan to understand who is being targeted and what actions they take thereafter.

Our data partners and tools include: Nielsen, Arbitron, Scarborough, Alphonso, PushSpring, LiveRamp, Oracle, YouGov, US Census, DV360, AppNexus, Facebook, Twitter, Cardlytics, DataXu, The Trade Desk, SQAD, and Google Analytics.


Traditional Media Buying

Keys to Success

Are you getting the information and transparency you need in your media buys? Are you buying the right programs to reach your target audience at the lowest rates possible?

Mercury’s unrivaled relationships with executive-level media outlets allow us to ensure the most efficient media on behalf of our clients.

Our senior media buyers specialize in market-specific TV, Radio, and Out of Home buying.

Through strategic data partnerships, we are able to close the loop between traditional media and online metrics, like website traffic, app downloads, lead generation, and e-commerce purchases.

Our buys are always done directly with media outlets, never through rep firms, to eliminate added fees along the way.

We reconcile and provide full reporting on every media buy, so that the client can rest assured that they are getting what they pay for.


Digital Media Buying

Keys to Success

The digital marketing landscape is changing rapidly. Is your business at the forefront of your industry in its use of digital media?

Mercury has expertise in programmatic digital media buying across OTT, CTV, display, pre-roll and in-stream video, SEM, digital audio, and paid social media.

We identify the right channels for a client’s business through consumer journey mapping and segmentation development.

We tap into a wide range of inventory through publisher direct private marketplace deals, as well as through multiple open exchanges.

Mercury helps clients who may be new to digital advertising through tag management and pixel placements across a client’s website to allow for results measurement and targeting.

Our partnerships allow us to eliminate fraudulent impressions.

Partnerships with Alphonso, Samsung, and Vizio allow us to bridge the gap between TV and digital.

We are adept at utilizing first party data across all of our digital media campaigns.

Mercury is Google Ads certified, DV360 Certified, and Facebook Blueprint Certified.


Sports Sponsorships

Keys to Success

Are you looking to tap into the vast universe of sports fans? Do you have a sponsorship, but not sure how effective it is in driving results for your business?

Mercury has developed long-standing relationships with team and league sponsorship executives to allow us to negotiate the right assets at the best price for our clients.

Our research capabilities allow us to identify the right fan base that delivers the best result for a client’s business.

We put tracking in place to allow us to measure results driven through sports sponsorships.


Athlete Endorsements

Keys to Success

How do you identify the right athlete to be the face of your brand? Think that top-level athletes are out of your price range? You’d be surprised!

Our network of personal relationships with athletes and their representatives allow us to negotiate deals that are far below market value.

We utilize our research capabilities to identify the right athlete for your company to partner with, particularly as it pertains to his/her social media following.

We help offset the cost of endorsement and talent fees by including partnerships with an athlete’s charity.

We have negotiated and implemented partnerships with some of the biggest names in sports, like Alex Ovechkin, Mike Trout, Travis Kelce, Max Scherzer, Clayton Kershaw, Jonathan Allen, and many more.



Keys to Success

Creative is not as simple as it used to be. Your brand needs to have a message that captures the ever-shrinking attention span of a consumer and distinguishes you from the competition. Are you developing unique creative specifically for the medium on which it will run?

Through internal capabilities and a multitude of strategic partnerships, Mercury conceptualizes and produces creative that helps clients stand out from the competition. Projects range from simple graphic design and editing to fully developed campaigns with creative produced specifically for every medium: TV, radio, OTT, digital display, online video, paid search, paid social, and organic social.

We collaborate throughout the process with the client’s input at every step to ensure creative is true to your brand.

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